Discovery World Museum – Reiman Aquarium

Milwaukee, WI

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Milwaukee, WI

Biscayne completes the amazing Reiman Aquariums located in the Discovery World Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Guests will experience aquatic life from the Great Lakes, North Atlantic and the Caribbean. The Great Lakes exhibit is over 120,000 gallons of freshwater with an acrylic tunnel for underwater viewing as you walk through. The amazing Coral Reef exhibit is over 100,000 gallons of saltwater with species found in the warm Caribbean waters. Other exciting exhibits include the North Atlantic aquariums, the Florida Keys aquarium, touch tanks where guests can interact with stingrays, bamboo sharks, slipper lobster and sea urchins. There is also a ROV exhibit where guests can practice steering an ROV on their own!

Biscayne was proud to work with a world class team of exhibit designers (BIOS, Inc.) and Life Support System engineers (PBS&J) to construct this exciting museum and aquarium.