Jungle Island

Watson Island, FL

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Jungle River and Everglades Exhibit

Watson Island, FL

Parrot Jungle and Gardens, one of Miami’s oldest attractions, contracted Biscayne Group to build all of the water features at its new location, Jungle Island on Watson Island, FL. The five main water feature areas; Flamingo Lagoon, Manu Cliffs Aviary, Jungle River, Everglades Exhibit, and the Serpentarium all have heavy biological aspects.

The Flamingo Lagoon is a unique 250,000-gallon feature, which is designed to accommodate over 100 flamingos, as well as a full assortment of tropical fishes.

The Manu Cliffs Exhibit is a large aviary that houses over 200 macaws. The 50,000-gallon water feature in the exhibit provides most of the cleaning function of the exhibit while also being part of the aesthetics.

The Jungle River is a 500,000-gallon system that meanders through the entire park featuring various birds, fish, and turtles. It utilizes natural biological functions in its life support system. This is partially accomplished as the waters pour into the Everglades Exhibit area, which removes much of the nitrates and sediments before returning to the headwater.